Feed 'em all!


OS: Android 1.6+
Installed game size: ~3.5 Mb
To install you must have at least 4.5Mb free.
Apps2SD: supported.

Game Rules

In Fairyland animals can speak and live in peace with people, lunarians and robots. Their kids are at summer camps, where you work as the delicacy specialist. You must share the delicacies among kids, but tastes differ - children like lollipops, while kittens prefer mice, and so on. Mind their preferences and share the delicacies as fast as you can!

Tap food then tap a kid and you're done... But look, here is another one! Each kid should get the delicacy before he goes away, or you will lose.

There are colored balls around the kids and once you collect a sufficient number of balls (varies from level to level) your shift is over.


To play you must create a profile or use one from existing to continue. Profile stores player's name and progress. As game has online rate system you must enter an unique name otherwise game will suggest you its own unique variant.


The less time you spend to gather the balls, the more valuable reward you receive. Available reward and its time can be seen near the timer. The more rewards you have, the higher you are in worldwide hall of fame among the other delicacy specialists.


Camps differ by number of various kids and balls; at some camps special features (power-ups) are available. At each camp you spend five shifts. When you pass them, the next camp becomes available. To get a more valuable reward you may replay any available camp.

Single game mode

Rules are the same, but your aim is to get as much balls as possible. Gradually new kids and bonuses become available and game speed increases.


Pacifier: adds one more pacifier

Balloon:Moves all children in one row up by two lines

Wheel: Moves all children up by one line

Propeller: Blows away all children of one kind

Bottle of milk: Turns top line of food into milk

Hourglass: Pauses game time and decreases timer by 10 seconds


Milk. Everybody knows that milk is healthy for the kids. Thus, milk fits any kid.

This is Omnivore Kid. Well, he's a little bit ugly. But you'll love him for sure: this creature can eat any food!

Pacifier is intended to soothe a kid. If any kid runs through the door you lose one pacifier. If kid holds a bonus it will be lost. When you have no more pacifiers and a kid runs through the door you lose the game.

You can also use pacifier yourself, in this case bonus (if any) will be kept.

Kids and delicacies


Profiles recovering

As profiles are synchronized with online storage, we’ve added a special feature to the game: you can restore all your profiles (7 as maximum) if they were lost!
For instance, you played the game and then uninstall it (when uninstalling, all game data is erased). If you’ll install the game later, you can restore all your profiles and play next! It works only if you use the same phone.
To restore profiles enter Profiles page in the Main menu, then hold trackball for 3 sec.

"Safe start" feature

If your phone have been running for a long time, about a week or so, Android may behave strange. It became laggy and doesn't wait for apps to save their data. As a result when you exit game by HOME button and then restart it, game may read wrong data and "force close" dialog may appear.

To avoid "force close" dialog next time start the game holding trackball button before it loads completely, then release trackball. In this case game "forgets" previous unsuccessful saving and loads menu.

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