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Myth Defense 2: DF

"I thoroughly enjoyed playing through everything the game has to offer, and would definitely recommend this to strategy fans."

"I’m sure you will have a better experience than ever before. Let’s join the fight!"

"There is plenty of gaming to be had in this title."

"Are you fed up with games that require you to battle against the forces of evil? If the answer is "Yes", then Myth Defense 2 is just the right mobile game for you."

"Tower defense games are pretty easy to find on the Play Store, but this one features some impressive 2D graphics and lots of shiny effects."

"More alchemy, fantasy and myth is awaiting you in this new title, every way enhanced."

"All in all, Myth Defense 2: Dark Forces is a well thought out tower defense that is well worth a shot."

"Absolutely captivating. Lots of strategic options mean lots of replay value."

"Геймплей этой игры предельно интересен, многогранен, изобилует мелкими деталями и способен увлечь пользователя на достаточно продолжительное время."

"Myth Defense 2: DF — красочная игра в популярном стиле Tower Defence"

"Myth Defense 2 - увлекательная игра, из разряда тех, что хочется пройти до конца, а потом как-нибудь захочется поиграть в нее снова."

Some customer reviews:

"Best Tower Defense Game for Android. Best in genre. Need I say more?"

"In Light Forces, I found myself using the exact same setup for every map, but DF tends to push you into trying out new builds as you progress."

"A MUST HAVE for true TD fanatics."

"First one was awsome second one is great"

"Got to say that this game is really excellent."

"New towers, new enemies, new maps! Great, great, great!"

"Top notch quality!"

"Хорошо сбалансирована постепенной прокачкой. Очень затягивает."

"Игра яркая, красочная и захватывающая. Это точно хит!"

"Отличное продолжение отличной игры."

"Интересная игрушка! Очень нравится, всем рекомендую."

"Нереально увлекательная игра. То, что я долго искал. Очень советую!"

"Радует, что вторая часть отличается множеством новых вещей, а значит старые шаблоны не работают, и снова интересно играть!"

"Классная игрушка! Затягивает невозможно оторваться!"

Jewellust / Jewellust Platinum

"Jewellust Platinum is an addicting game with a magical storyline for those who like to guess ancient mysteries and riddles"

"It goes to show that this game is challenging enough to keep advanced gamers happy and simple enough for beginning gamers to pick up easily."

"Jewellust Android Game is really fun and addictive, one of the best puzzle games around."

"Jewellust, as we said earlier, is gloriously simple, yet infuriatingly challenging."

"...once you get into a rhythm, the game starts to eat away at your precious free time."

"This game captivates you and you will be playing hours on end without realizing it."

"The graphics for this game are simply awesome!"

"Too often, many mobile apps are willing to sacrifice graphics for functionality, but Smartpix has put in the extra time needed to make sure that both are present in this Google Android application."

"...I just peeped in to see what it was really about and later got glued to it, I just couldn’t put it down I was determined to play to the end."

"Game is very easy to play, all rules are simple. Gems are really colorull and also special graphic effects are cool and funny."

Myth Defense

"Combining solid tower defense strategy, beautiful graphics, tons of upgrades and different game modes, Myth Defense: Light Forces must be the best TD game available on the Android Market."

"Helicopters will constantly undermine you and you'll often find yourself overwhelmed by mace swinging orcs. But if you get beyond that, you'll find a rich, engaging and highly rewarding experience."

"With the earning of GPs and artifacts, players can create a huge number of variations in their game(s), making Myth Defense Light Forces an extremely fun, entertaining, and engaging game. So if you like tower defense games, head over to the Android market."

"Myth Defense offers lovely visuals that are among the best since on Android to date. It's very well presented and there is no noticeable slowdown, even when the screen is bursting with towers, fireballs, arrows and goblins."

"Overall, this is a unique tower defense game with lots of content."

"Just watch this video and tell me this doesn’t look amazing. The developing company, Smartpix Games, has made your addiction extremely easy."

"The art and visuals are crisp and detailed, and the sound effects and music definitely make the game seem like an epic fantasy. There is a lot of content here. If you like tower defense games, this is probably going to satisfy your TD itch."

"Challenging without having to be irrationally complicated or Impossible to progress hanging around. More Options than another TD I have come across."

Devilry Huntress

"If you like Bejeweled type of games and you liked Jewellust then you should check out this game."


"From the colors to the animations the graphics are absolutely awesome."

Crystallight Defense

"It’s quickly become my favorite game to play on my phone, and the only game I’ve been addicted to more than this one was StarCraft."

"This very popular tower defense game can keep you engrossed for hours at stretch."

"The game can get addicting as most good tower defense games."

"Cross a tower-defense game with the Bejeweled-style gem craze, and you get Crystallight Defense."

"One of the most awesome and good-looking tower defense games on Android platform."

Jewellust Xmas

"The game has nice design, full of references to Christmas."


"The graphics are gorgeous, with the menu screen and main gameplay footage bright and detailed."

"Egggz is a great simple game that will get you shreiking in excitement."

"The graphics are absolutely awesome and of high quality. The controls are simply to use and very responsive. This is truely a high quality Android game."

"While the game play is simple, EGGGZ is a great distraction and can become addicting."

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