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Myth Defense 2: Dark Forces

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Myth Defense 2: Dark Forces

Popular tower defense game is back! Light Forces repulsed the attack of Dark Forces and passed to the offensive.
Now you fight on the dark side. Restore the balance between Light and Darkness! Build towers and traps using technologies of Orcs, Goblins and Necromancers.
Show your tactical skills combining various towers' effects and using terrain features. Protect the stronghold of the Dark Forces from the onslaught of hostile armies of Light!

This is a free version that you can extend to the full version directly from the game menu (except this payment no additional payments required).

WARNING! Please note that the Platinum Version is a standalone paid app without in-app purchases. It includes the entire Full Version and all DLC packs. If you don't like in-app purchases, get the complete Myth Defense 2 content in one paid app and save 20% of total price! In case you've already purchased the Full version, there is no reason to purchase the Platinum version as you can purchase DLC campaigns from the Full version if you wish.

In the full version of Myth Defense: Dark Forces:
- 4 maps + random map in battle mode
- campaign: 50 missions and 2 modes to pass it: Normal and Heroic
- achievements, increasing amount of Glory Points for mission
- different skills improvement
- 22 types of towers and 3 types of traps in 3 technological branches (Orcs, Necromancers, Goblins)
- special features of monsters and towers
- runes to make towers stronger, and Alchemy to create runes
- terrain features: difficult terrain, moving platforms, etc.
- 40 levels of hardness. The higher the level, the greater the reward
- multilingual interface
- original panoramic sound and music
- coming soon - additional DLC maps and campaigns with new enemies and towers.

We believe the game will be especially interesting for those who like tower defense and strategic games such as: Fieldrunners, Sentinel, Robo Defense, Kingdom Rush, Empire Defense, Lair Defense, Jelly Defense, Grave Defense, Myth Defense Light Forces, Tower Defense, Tower Raiders, Guns'n'Glory and other.

We hope that Light Forces commanders, who loved the first part of Myth Defense, will be pleasantly surprised by the innovations in this part:
- Enemies are now divided into classes: Live, Machine and Magic. Some towers affects only units of one class.
- Moving platforms on the battlefield where you can build towers. Platform with a tower will move as close as possible to enemy units and attack them.
- Some units (Dwarf and Paladin) wear armor. Armor absorbs 80% of low physical damage. Armor threshold is shown in the unit description which you can see by tapping on an enemy unit on the field. If tower causes more physical damage than the armor threshold, the armor breaks down and the unit gets full damage value. Armor doesn't protect units from other types of damage (fire, magic, etc)
- Several fundamentally new towers:
- Fear Tower: scares enemy units, forcing them to run away from the tower for a while. One enemy can be scared only once (though some units are fearless).
- Cursed Tower: normally it shoots causing a base damage but can be charged with coins to temporarily multiply its power. If the health of the enemy unit does not exceed the base damage, the tower will kill it without spending extra-points. If the unit is strong tower will try to kill it, spending no more than enough extra-points.
- Jet Mace: shoots with a large spiked ball horizontally or vertically. It strikes several enemy units losing some destructive power each time. The ball continues to fly until it loses all the energy.
- Radioactive towers (Uranium and Plutonium): do not shoot, but continuously irradiates all units within damage radius. Golems and infected (by Plague or Poison Spider Tower) units are vulnerable to radiation.

Online Scores and Data recovery

Google Play version of the game supports Google Game Services. Sign in to share your scores and achievements with your friends and to backup your profile on Cloud storage.
If you are already signed in you can press reload button (under the user name) in PLAY menu to replace local profile with data from Google cloud server.

To backup your profile (or switch devices) you can also copy files from your SD card:


To sync your profiles (both Advanced and Casual) between several devices you should send it to cloud on one device (touch a user name in Play section or finish one mission), wait for a few minutes to be sure (Google services need some time to update) and then touch "Refresh" (button with arrows near the user name in Play menu section) on another device. All data will be replaced by profiles from Google Cloud.






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