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Jewellust Endless


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The brilliant "match 3" puzzle game for everybody who loves a magic atmosphere, ancient mysteries and a crystal chime of jewels. Immerse yourself into a fascinating journey through deserts, oases and even over the sea of Ancient Egypt! You will explore treasuries, magic spells and unique artifacts that make the game even more interesting.

- enjoy tons of game missions, more and more with game updates
- create powerful Bonuses by making different combinations of 4 or 5 gems
- mix Bonuses and get Super Bonuses
- use marvelous Magic Spells
- get reusable Boosters that are charged during the game
- each mission has its own Leaderboard, replay missions and compete with other travelers
- pass first 50 missions and unlock daily Pharaoh’s Roulette
- obtain valuable prizes in Treasure Troves

The game works on various screen sizes and can speak English, Japanese, Spanish, French, Korean, Russian and German. No social network connection needed! Saving your gaming profile in the cloud allows you to keep the progress, even if you have changed your device. If you have several devices, each has its own profile.

Jewellust was one of the first "match 3" puzzles for Android, it stayed in the Top 10 for a long time and gathered a lot of positive feedback from players. Its modern version - Jewellust Endless - is a totally redesigned and improved game with a lot of content and new missions coming soon! We have kept the spirit of the original "Jewellust" puzzle but also greatly enlarged the game world and added much more abilities.

A unique combination of features sets Jewellust Endless apart from other games in the genre of "match 3". The game will bring you a lot of fun and you’ll definitely love it!

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